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Customer service

Product warranty and warranty  


1. Our company guarantees that the equipment provided to the demander is a new, complete and unused new product with quality and quantity guaranteed.

2. In order to support the operation and maintenance of system equipment, our company guarantees that the technical data and drawings provided are complete, clear and correct.

Installation and commissioning 

1. Our company will assign professional technicians to the site for installation and commissioning. During installation and commissioning, our technicians will be responsible for the equipment. Scientific installation and commissioning will be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the technical scheme and the product delivery technical instructions. In case of special circumstances, some installation schemes must be changed and solved through negotiation with the manufacturer. Our company will fully ensure that the completion time of installation and commissioning is consistent with the time agreed by both parties. If the project needs to be delayed due to natural or manufacturer reasons, both parties will solve it through negotiation.

2. Commissioning qualification standard: for the hardware equipment imported by the original manufacturer, the standard specified in the original manufacturer's instructions will be taken as the standard. For the system connection part that needs to be solved by our technology, we will take the technical scheme confirmed by both parties as the standard.

Use training

After the commissioning and opening of the system, our company will provide system operation training for relevant security operators of the user free of charge. The training contents include authority, function operation, troubleshooting, maintenance instructions, etc.

Our company will provide detailed product instructions, system operation instructions and system maintenance instructions according to the system list.

The following training will be provided to the use and security management personnel:

System function use, system practical maintenance, and daily common maintenance of system equipment.


Warranty purpose: respond in time, solve it as soon as possible and ensure its use.

Warranty period: one year;

After the warranty period: for equipment failure, paid or free services shall be provided according to the size. Spare parts to be replaced will be provided at cost price.

Fault response time: respond within 1 hour and provide free door-to-door service within 1 working day.

Warranty coverage:

If the user of the equipment finds any problem that cannot be solved by himself during use, he can directly contact our company by telephone, fax, Internet, letter, etc. our company will respond within 1 hour and solve it quickly with the user.

Under the normal use and storage warranty period, our company is responsible for the equipment quality. In case of failure due to product quality, our company will repair and replace parts free of charge. During the warranty period, if the equipment is found to be inconsistent with the technical parameters listed in the scheme or contract, or the equipment cannot operate normally, our company unconditionally replaces the relevant equipment according to the manufacturer's ex factory technical parameters to meet the corresponding reasonable requirements and normal use.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

a. Normal wear and tear and consumable parts of the equipment.

b. Equipment problems caused by unauthorized modification and incorrect use of the equipment by the user.

c. Failure caused by natural disaster or war damage.

After the completion of the project, Party B will continuously maintain the system for life and continuously improve the upgrading of system functions. For the hardware equipment that needs to be added, only the cost of components will be charged.


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Whatsapp:+86 15105116300


Address:No. 18, Avenue, development zone, Funing County, Yancheng City

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